Introduction of our trainers and people that are overall involved in civic Barcamp Vanadzor 2018.



Artur Sakunts is the director of Helsinki Citizens´ Assembly Vanadzor Office. His field of specialization is demilitarization and conflict management in the Caucasus. Since 2011 he has been defending victims of injustice in the army and has been fighting human rights abuse in Armenia. He has been awarded the Freedom Defender Award.



Barbora Bokosova works in NESEHNUTI as a memer of Civic Eye program that focuses on environmental issues, sustainable cities and public participation. Besides, she is active in several grassroot iniciatives dealing with climate justice, homelessness and human rights, of which all are set on non-hierarchical principles.

Mariam Kvaratskhelia 

Mariam Kvaratskhelia is a project coordinator/legal officer at Equality Movement, an LGBTQI and human rights activist. Mariam has been working with the LGBT community for several years. She has participated in planning and implementing various LGBT projects and campaigns in Georgia. Besides working for an LGBT organization, Mariam used to work on freedom of religion and religious/ethnic/racial minorities rights at Tolerance and Diversity Insitute (TDI). Currently she attends a Master´s program in Public Law and Policy at Ilia State University.


Elena Kuvichko is Progect/Community coordinator for several years in Charity Foundation Asarkia. Asarkia provides information support for civil activist and NGOs in Abkhazia. She has an expirience of organising different information campaigns. As well working as a trainer for Youth Development projects, including international Youth Peace Camp, organised by Council of Europe. She has been working as a coordinator already for 10 years in number of projects related to integration of people with disabilities into the society. 

Hana Zoor Svačinková 

Hana Zoor Svačinková works in NESEHNUTI as a PR coordinator, she is also a volunteer coordinator of the antimilitaristic group Arms, or human rights? within NESEHNUTI, where she focuses on campaigning against militarisation of youth and women and protests against arms fair in Brno. She has been engaged in the few non-hierarchically organized structures such as grassroots, NGOs, networks and also one trading company.



Arpine Galfayan is a free-lance facilitator in the sphere of active citizenship education. She is active in grassroots initiatives for environmental, social and gender justice. She is also involved in EcoLab program and its Boo Alternative House which acts as a hub to host workshops and meetings, test innovative ecological and social ideas, and organize exchanges among local and international experts, artists, activists, and travelers. 



Gegham Vardanyan is Editor-in-Chief of Media Initiatives Center's (MIC) website. He has more than 15 years' experience in journalism, production and media training. He specialises in online content development, developing training modules and conducting courses for journalists, students and the public. He is a member of Media Ethics Observatory. His media analytical articles are published in several local and international outlets. He also plays a key role in MIC's Media for Informed Civic Engagement project, which seeks to increase citizens' access to independent and reliable sources of information about government policies and drive higher levels of public awareness and civic participation and involvement.



Daniel Ioannisyan is the founder and Programme Coordinator of the Union of Informed Citizens, an NGO in Yerevan, Armenia. He has been working in opposition politics since 2007, including at the Armenian National Parliament, preparing various packages of legislative reform regarding the law enforcement sector. He also worked as a law enforcement analyst for various local media outlets. He founded the Union of Informed Citizens in 2013 to raise public awareness and provide reliable information relating to Armenian foreign policy, the police force, the energy industry and electoral issues. The group has recently launched, a fact-checking website. Mr. Ioannisyan also had a key role in the Independent Observer initiative which organised observations for the 2017 parliamentary elections


Aida Ladaria is a lector at Abkhazian state university and her field of specialization is civic education. She has been working in a civic sector since 1995, she has managed many projects, first at "Centre of Humanistic programmes, then in "The Sukhumi House for Youngsters" where she is a deputy director. She is also a co-director of charity fund "Abkhasian civic fund for development AMSHRA". Currently she is a manager of projects for civic development, youth iniciatives, education of young citizens, gender eduation, which includes inovative metodics of teaching in state school education etc. She has a great amount of experience in making public campaigns and trainings (strategic planning, working in a team, civil involvement etc.). Since 2013 she has worked as a coordinator of a long-term multi-aspects project of The Sukhumi House for Youngsters with a participation of UNICEF "Young participation and development in Abkhazia".

Dmitrij Shevchenko 

Dmitrij Shevchenko is working in field of ecological rights protection and the development of civic activism, as well as in ecological journalism and anticorruption investigation. He has degree from Psychology and has been working in media. From 2008 on, he has been an active participant of the Russian "Green Movement". Since 2008 he has also been employed as a deputy coordinator for "Ecological Vakhta of Nord Caucasus", an interregional organization, working in the areas of nature and human rights protection. In addition, Shevchenko has been a member of council of the Association of journalists-ecologists, which is a part of Council of journalists of Russia, since 2009. He is known as the author of the textbook "How to organizace and make ecological campaign" and several other publications.

 Sona Hovakimyan 

Sona Hovakimyan is a co-founder of Human Rights Power NGO, founded in 2016. She holds Masters degree in Social Work and has more than 8 years of work experience in social work and human rights field. She has been mainly working in NGO sector implementing and coordinating human rights projects and providing psychological counseling to beneficiaries of the projects. From 2014 to 2017 she has been working in a women's rights organization, Society Without Violence, working with domestic violence cases, educating and empowering girls and women, promoting gender equality, holding awareness raising activities, advocating for women's rights. Supporting and empowering people, fighting for human rights and justice is not only a part of her career, but also her passion. Since 2016 she is a member of Women in Black, Armenia, an anti-militarist, peace-building initiative.

Varduhi Aramyan

Since 2002 Varduhi Aramyan has been working as a human rights defender for disabled people. Since 2008 she has started work for scientific production association "Armenian Camp" where she participates on projects and campaigns which deals with full inclusion of disabled people into the society and defends their rights and interests given by law. Vardui was in charge of some other projects, for example a civic campaigns "Accessible City" and "Accessible City-2". She is also an expert in topic of disabled people and disabled sport. She is a founder of Armenian national federation for disabled sport.  

Kristina Marabyan 

Kristina Marabyan is one of 5 co-founders of the non-governmental organization "Open borders",  which was established in 2014. She also works in the Javakheti Information Center as a journalist. Kristina Marabyan has 10 years of experience in journalism, qualifies in such topics as conflicts in the South Caucasus, human rights and the rights of national minorities. In addition, she is a human rights defender who cooperates with the UN and the OSCE.



Anna Sargsyan has been engaged in various civic campaigns in Armenia and is a member of several civic collectives working in feminism, animal rights and environmental sustainability. 

On CivicBarcamp she will focus on Feminist Practices as Forms of Civil Resistance.

Hasmik Hovhannisyan 

Hasmik Hovhannisyan is co-founder and president of Centaur Animal-Assisted Therapy Center. She also runs a shelter where various animals - dogs, horses, cats and a turtle - live, all involved in therapy with disabled children. Hasmik is involved in activities on animal righst defense and equal rights for disabled people. Recent project is «outgoing» dog-assisted therapy when specially trained dogs go to children's centers. Writes stories on animals and the bond between animals and the children they help, aiming to raise awareness towards the magic power of animals and need we have in them.

Daniel Vondrouš

Daniel Vondrouš is a director of Green Circle, Czech association of 26 important ecological NGOs.

In his whole carrier, he has been focused on environmental legislation and strategic documents - studying, planning and drafting them. Besides he took part in various environmental campaigns.

He worked as well as a head of consultants of the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic.

David Pipia 

David Pipia is Georgian camera-man, editor and producer for various television and radio companies. He joined Go Group Media as an editor from its very beginning and he is responsible for the entire video production there, including, importantly, its cross-Caucasus media outlet JAMnews.

He came to the GO Group Media after working as an editor at the Tbilisi-based television Rustavi-2. 




Irena Markova works in NESEHNUTÍ as a member of The Initiative Way team and she also takes part in the financial management of the organization. In the past she also held the positions of a fundraiser and a grant manager.

She studied educational sciences, sociology and psychology. In NGO's she works on projects aimed at a well-rounded development of the youth, organizing cultural events, and also implements a long-term project focused on internal organizational development. She is active in a number of civic platforms, formal as well as informal. 



Kristina Studená works as a coordinator of many projects; these projects usually deal with the protection of the environment and are intended for young people. She has also been organizing voluntary workcamps in Ukrainian mountains for a few years now in order to support sustainable tourism (the volunteers marked hiking trails). She has worked as an employee or an active volunteer in several Czech NGOs. During her university studies, she focused on language teaching (Czech and German); she finished her PhD with a thesis on experiential and innovative teaching methods. 



Martin Hytha started to work in an environmental NGO Children of the Earth in Czechia. He took part in dozens of campaigns and activities - for example protecting landscape from illegal billboards or a campaign against animal factory farms. He also supported local initiatives trying to resolve cases of projects in their neighbourhood that were a threat to the environment. He has been with NESEHNUTI for five years, invovled in the programme supporting civil society in the Caucasus and Ukraine - "The Initiative Way". He lived in the Caucasus for three years and fell in love with it.



Tereza Soušková is an Associate Fellow of the AMO Reasearch Center. She focuses on the Eastern European region, Russia, Caucasus, and Central Asia. Currently she is doing European Voluntery Service in Armenia. Tereza graduated from an MA programme in Political Science and East European Studies at Charles University in Prague. She specializes on Eastern Europe, Russia, the Caucasus, and Central Asia. She also focuses on Russian foreign policy, democracy research in post-soviet countries, and unrecognized states. Tereza was a vice chairwoman of the student organization "East European Club", a deputy editor of NaVýchod journal, and editor of International Politics journal published by the Institute of International Relations in Prague. She publishes in various Czech and international media.



Ofelya Zalyan is a human rights defender from Vanadzor, Armenia. Since 2003, she has worked in several local Non-Governmental Organizations in Armenia as a youth worker, coordinator of youth and educational projects. Since 2009, she has been working at Helsinki Citizens' Assembly - Vanadzor (HCA Vanadzor), a human rights organization, as the Program Manager. In addition, she is a member of Public Monitoring Group over the Armenian Penitentiary Institutions. She studied European Law and completed the Human Rights School of Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (HFHR) in Poland.



photographer of civic barcamp

Sashka Avanyan is a filmmaker who was most recently living in Canada where she studied philosophy at the University of McGill and worked as a freelance videographer and editor. Sashka arrived in Armenia in May of 2017 and has since volunteered for number non-profits in Yerevan, Vanadzor, and Stepanakert. The experience she has gained with organizations such as the Women Support Centre, ORAN, and the HALO Trust have given her a strong understanding of what it means to be an NGO in Armenia and reinforced her passion for using video as a means to communicate with a meaningful message with a large audience. Sashka was born in Houston, Texas but raised in Moscow, Russia until the age of 15, at which point she moved to Canada. She is currently in process of repatriating to Armenia. Based in Yerevan, Armenia.