Introduction of our trainers and people that are overall involved in civic Barcamp Kutaisi 2019.

Marta Kotecká Misíková

Marta has worked with various NGOs and groups since early 1990s, including a war reconstruction project in Croatia (1994) and community work in Roma settlements in East Slovakia (1999 - 2001). In 1999, she co-founded association "Horizonty" with the aim to support organisational development of Czech NGOs.

Professionally, Marta specializes in using participatory methods and approaches in management and organisational development. She gained knowledge and skills through series of trainings by a Dutch agency Facilicom Consult (2000 - 2005). She is experienced in facilitating strategic workshops (planning, decision making etc.).

Currently she works for a nature conservation NGO.



Rasul Jafarov is Chairman of the Human Rights Club (HRC), a Baku-based non-governmental organization focusing on promotion and protection of fundamental political and civic freedoms, as well as democratic development. Due to difficulties for the operation of independent NGOs in Azerbaijan, he is currently continuing his activities on an individual basis. He is delivering existing problems in the field of human rights to the local and international community via various campaigns. Sing for Democracy, Online Expression Initiative, Art for Democracy, the Working Group on Unified List of Political Prisoners are among of these activities.

Rasul Jafarov was arrested on politically motivated and thus fabricated charges on August 2 nd , 2014 for his above-mentioned activities and criticism towards the government. All charges brought against him were connected to activities of the HRC between 2010-2014. Amnesty International has recognized Jafarov as "prisoner of conscience". On 17 March 2016, European Court of Human Rights has issued a Judgment recognizing violation of Jafarov's right to liberty (Article 5 of the European Convention) and prohibition of abuse of rights by the state (Article 18 of the Convention), thus indicating that detention was illegal and politically motivated. On the same day Jafarov was released.

For more information please see the video:





Borys Kudar is the founder and director of the Training Center of Human Rights Advocacy HRTC. From 2016 to 2019, Borys worked contemporaneously at the Mykolayiv Center for Investigative Reporting CIR. Center HRTC has trained 180 specialists in applied specialties: development of training cases on human rights issues; social animation; tactics of small human rights groups; protection from propaganda in cyber space. During this time, CIR's reporters conducted more than 100 journalistic investigations, the materials of which are published on the television channels Slіdstvo.Info, Gromadske.TB and First National. Including 20 investigations about the illegal seizure of land and the construction of the Black Sea coastline. Borys administered the projects to create a regional network of investigative journalists and involve young people to exposing corruption. 

Topic: investigative journalism and advocacy campaigns on the Black Sea coast. Including cross-border investigations conducted jointly by the Mykolayiv and Prague Centers for Investigative Reporting.

Mariam Kvaratskhelia 

Mariam Kvaratskhelia is LGBTQ community member and activist. Mariam has worked at Georgian LGBTQ community organization 'Equality Movement' for several years where she has mainly worked on documenting and reporting Human Rights violations of LGBT persons and advocating for the changes nationally and internationally. 

Besides, legal and advocacy work Mariam has been actively involved in civic campaigning, organizing verious creative and interesting actions. Approximetly 1 year ago, Mariam has co-founded Tbilisi Pride movement and organized first ever Tbilisi Pride Week 2019 in Georgia.




Jaromír Němec graduated in sociology and has been active in the non-governmental sector since the 1990s. For thirteen years, he worked with Hnuti DUHA (Rainbow Movement) - Friends of the Earth Czech Republic. He has several years' experience with leading a large non-governmental organization. He worked as an independent facilitator and has led the process of creating strategic and campaign plans of a number of Czech and international NGOs. He also works with productivity methods, work organization and time management. Since 2015, he has been cooperating with NESEHNUTI more closely, coordinates the Initiative Way program and is active in the projects focused on the South Caucasus and Ukraine.



Barbora Knížková has been working with NESEHNUTI since 2018, involved in "The Initiative Way" program, supporting civic society in South Caucausus and Ukraine. She graduated in Cultural Anthropology and International Development Studies and has been active in non-governmental sector since 2016. She is experienced in financial coordination, project cycle management, methods of qualitative research or methods of evaluation of projects. In her free time she organizes summer camps for kids.



Martin Hytha started to work in an environmental NGO Children of the Earth in Czechia. He took part in dozens of campaigns and activities - for example protecting landscape from illegal billboards or a campaign against animal factory farms. He also supported local initiatives trying to resolve cases of projects in their neighbourhood that were a threat to the environment. He has been with NESEHNUTI for five years, invovled in the programme supporting civil society in the Caucasus and Ukraine - "The Initiative Way". He lived in the Caucasus for three years and fell in love with it.



Patrik Salat is working as an EVS volunteer in Georgia for He studied History and Portuguese language at Masaryk University in Brno. He has been active in the non-governmental sector since 2015. He is experienced in journalistic work and methods or fact-checking due to his internships at Seznam zprávy and Aktuálně.cz. He is mostly interested in human rights or environmental issues and attempts to use a visual storytelling form like photography or video.



The Executive Director of the NGO Abkhazinterkont. The organization actively works in the western regions of Georgia and has 20 years of experience working on problems of internally displaced persons, on protecting the rights and interests of marginalized groups and on solving their social and economic problems. He is the initiator and author of more than 30 projects focused on lobbying and advocating processes that aim to improve the social conditions of IDPs, support their economic projects. He actively works with migrants and emigrants, former prisoners, members of their families and probationers, especially concerning their social rehabilitation, advancing their qualifications and employability. He is a trainer and consultant on micro economics and agribusiness.