Dear colleagues,

we would like to let you know some basic information concerning your participation in the BarCamp in Kutaisi which will take place from 27​th​ till 29​th​ September.

We expect you to arrive on 26​th September to Kutaisi and leave on 29​th September in the afternoon. If the term of suggested departure is a problem for you because of a long distance to your destination, please let us know.

Should you have further questions, please let me know or call Archil Elbakidze (+995 599 170 805), a representative of Georgian organization AbkhazInterCont. In case of need, my e-mail address is and a Georgian phone number of my colleague Jaromir Nemec from NESEHNUTI is ​+995 599 309 640​ (available from 24​th​ September).


Barbora Knizkova, NESEHNUTI Archil Elbakidze, AbkhazInterCont



Cinema Sakartvelo

#14 Tamar Mephe St, Kutaisi 


Should you have any questions, please contact:

Jaromír Němec (NESEHNUTI):

Barbora Knížková (NESEHNUTI)

Archil Elbakidze (AbkhazIntercont)


This information is only for confirmed participants.


We do not organize the transport, as the participants will travel from different places in the South Caucasus. Accommodation will be provided. The travel costs will be covered (only public transport - train, bus or marshrutka, NOT plane) to participants traveling from outside of Georgia. Please keep the transport tickets and bring them with you, if possible.


You will be accommodated in double or triple rooms in Hotel Discovery, Jerusalime str. 1, Kutaisi. There will be a list of accommodated participants in the hotel. If you prefer to share a room with a specific person/colleague, please, mention that at the reception desk. 

Hotel Discovery, Newport Street, Kutaisi, Georgia



Briefly, we can characterize it as an open, participatory workshop-like event, the content of which is provided by the participants - for example, open discussions, presentations of interesting campaigns, projects, programs, initiatives and other forms of sharing information and experience. Three programs will take place at the same time during the event, always in smaller groups (for better interaction). Most of the presentations and workshops will repeat twice during the BarCamp. Participants choose those parts of the program that are interesting for them. The optimal duration of your presentation is 20-25 minutes followed by 20 minutes of discussion.

In the concept of a BarCamp, there is almost no difference between trainer/lecturer and participants. When the lecturers are not giving a presentation, they become participants and actively attend the rest of the program.

The program of the Barcamp in Kutaisi includes several "open windows". You can apply with your topic and if you succeed in the voting process, you win one of the "open windows" for your presentation.

The BarCamp in Kutaisi focuses on civic activism, campaigning and independent media. Most of the presentations, workshops and discussions in the program are related to these topics.

You can find more detailed information about the concept of a BarCamp and its history for example here: ​​.


Program of the BarCamp The program will be available from 20​th​ September 2019.

You will receive the program of the BarCamp in English and Russian by e-mail on Friday 20​th September at the latest. It will also be available on the website.

You will get a printed version before the beginning of the BarCamp too.

The address of the venue is: ​Akaki Tsereteli State University, Tamar Mepe street 59 (​​).

The program starts on Friday, 27​th September, at 9.30 (registration). On Saturday and Sunday, it starts at 9.30 by providing important information about the daily program. The official program finishes at 17.00 on Friday and Saturday and at 16.00 on Sunday.

We expect you to participate in the program as much as possible, as that will contribute to the best benefit for all.

On Friday, there will be a joint party for all participants, trainers and organizers. This party starts at 20.00 and we will inform you about the venue of this event during the first day of the BarCamp. From the hotel, transportation will be organized to the venue of the Party.

Food and refreshment Breakfasts are provided as part of the accommodation in hotels. Lunches, as well as Saturday dinner, will be provided in buffet style at the venue of the BarCamp. On Friday at 20:00, a joint party starts. Dinner will be provided as part of the event.

During the BarCamp, refreshments such as coffee and tea will be provided. All meals provided within the BarCamp will be vegetarian. This reflects the principles of the Independent Social-Ecological Movement - NESEHNUTI, which besides other social and ecological topics works also on the protection of the rights of animals and during the event, which NESEHNUTI organizes, only vegan or vegetarian catering is provided.



For more than 20 years AbkhazIntercont has been working in the regions of Western Georgia implementing various international donor-funded projects in the areas of agriculture, capacity building, employment opportunities, income generation and social projects. AIC also conducts consultation services and training courses in business development, financial capacity-building, agro-farming, agro-business management and legal issues.

The vision of AIC is to assist and support marginalized groups and vulnerable populations to become economically independent and valuable members of society. AIC believes that every citizen should have equal access to the rights defined in the Constitution of Georgia.

The mission of AIC is to support the sustainable development of small enterprises and farming businesses, to improve social and economic conditions of IDPs and vulnerable populations, and to protect the interests of marginalized groups.


NESEHNUTI is a Czech social-ecological non-governmental organization working above all based on the conviction that ecological and social problems have common causes and consequences, and must, therefore, be solved taking this into consideration.

The Initiative Way is a program supporting active people abroad, especially, although not only, in the South Caucasus and Ukraine. We help local activists strengthen civil society and protect human rights, the environment, the rights of the disadvantaged and minorities as well as animal rights. We support those who increase the level of freedom and civic participation and we do so regardless of the status of the territories where they work.

Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Vanadzor (hereinafter referred to as HCA Vanadzor) is a non-political, non-religious, non-profit NGO, which unites individuals who value the supreme principles of democracy, tolerance, pluralism and human rights. Is a partner and co-organizer of BarCamp, ensuring the participation of activists from Armenia

Financial support:

The Barcamp is organized with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic - Programme of Transition Promotion Policy and The Open Society Foundations and George Soros.