Gain new experience and explore innovative tools for your campaigns, activism or happenings. 

The Barcamp starts at 9 am on Friday, 13 April, and lasts until 16 pm on Sunday, 15 April. 

Those who stood behind socially beneficial changes will share their stories of successful civic campaigns. We will share information about marginalized and neglected topics, which, however, represent major social injustices.

During these three days we will find out that it is also possible to draw the attention of the public to important topics in a playful way, with humor and wit. We will try out methods that help to look at things from a completely new angle.

Experts from the media field will present journalistic work to us, while the participants will learn how they can become civic journalists and start their own media.

The Barcamp will also make us think how we ourselves can be engaged and how we can participate in public affairs legitimately. The golden thread of the entire program will be the topics of human and citizen rights, protection of nature and the environment, support of marginalized groups and social changes leading to a fair world for all.

Each lecture/workshop will be repeated, so everyone has a chance to attend.

More detailed program with annotations of lectures is coming soon...








Boo Alternative House

As a part of programe of Civic BarCamp you will have an opportunity to visit inspirative Boo Alternative House, which is a multi-purpose hub situated in a beautiful mountainous landscape near Vanadzor. Once a family summer house, it was abandoned for more than 20 years, and gained a new life in 2016 when the team of EcoLab foundation decided to do some eco-magic there. 

Now it is a place that hosts workshops and trainings, where local youth can test their innovative ecological and social ideas, where exchanges with local and international experts, artists, activists and travelers take place. Boo House people are committed to finding sustainable solutions for energy, food, water, as well as reusing and recycling stuff. And the income generated will be invested in supporting sustainable community projects of the young people throughout rural communities in Armenia. 


World Café is a method of sharing experiences in small circles, simulating café environment and creating safe place to talk about more difficult topics. It is  structured conversational process for knowledge sharing in which groups of people discuss a topic at several tables, with individuals switching tables periodically.


Shameless Monologues

As a part of Civic BarCamp you can look forward performance on Friday evening. 

A group of shameless people invite you to "Shameless monologues" inappropriate performances, during which we will speak up about everything that deems to be "shameful" From liberation of mind to decolonization of the body, from self-discovery to self-expression 

...Let's break the chains of shame together, let's help liberate others and liberate ourselves- our mind and body, and decolonize together...


On Saturday and Sunday morning will be open mic, where anybody from participants can present and share his/her experience. Get ready and prepare your presentation! 

Each presentation should be 7 minutes.