Attention, please! 

Due to unexpectable events, the intended place of the BarCamp had to be changed. The new address is Cinema Sakarvelo - Tamar Mephe St, Kutaisi 14. In case of need, feel free to contact us (+995 599 170 805 Archil Elbakidze - AbkhazInterCont, +995 599 309 640​ - Jaromir Němec - NESEHNUTI) 

The place is located on the third floor in Cinema Sakartvelo. You can use a lift in case of need.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience! 


What does it mean to be civically engaged? 

And how to do that?

Let's share our experience with civic campaigns! Let's discuss the topics that are currently important for our communities.

Meet! Share! Act!

A BarCamp is a platform where everyone can share ideas about civic engagement.

Come and meet those who stood behind important social changes and become one of them.  

The Barcamp starts on Friday and lasts until Sunday. These three days will be full of experiences - sharing and thinking about how to perform civic campaigns, how to protect human rights and nature, how to start media and much more.

You can choose the lectures and workshops based on your interest, or submit for an open mic and speak up, or ask the others for the advice! Each lecturer will appear twice during the weekend so you should be able to attend all parts of the program important for you.

The BarCamp will take place in Kutaisi from 27 to 29 September 2019.

Anybody from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan or Kherson,
Mykolayiv and Kirovohrad regions (oblasts) of Ukraine
 who are active in civil society are invited to apply for participation.

Attendants and lecturers from other places are invited individually by the organizing team due to limited capacity and air travel costs.

For registration, please submit your application form no later than 4 August 2019. We will inform you about your participation after 12 August 2019. 

We invite some of those who stood behind successful campaigns in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Russia and Czechia to come and share with us their knowledge, experience and energy.

A BarCamp, however, is a special form of a non-conference focused on sharing competencies through informal education, where the division between a trainer and a participant fades away. So everyone is invited to be the driving force of the mutual process of learning. 

Here you can find some of the photos from 

the BarCamp Kutaisi 2017 and BarCamp Vanadzor 2018.

More pictures and videos are coming up.